Franco Fernandez & Asociados is a firm with 25 years of experience in the insurance sector. During these years the firm has inserted itself in the market offering insurance solutions, enterprise risk management and employee benefits, including the Dominican Social Security System. The development of a solid service structure, a range of products catered to the needs of our clients, and constant improvement of international relations have offered the firm the reputation and position it stands today.

Since its beginnings, the firm has maintained a philosophy based on continuous assessment, shaping services to accommodate each need, and achieving client satisfaction through goal completion and excellent work strategy. These principles have modeled our trajectory, with the primary objective of improving the quality of service offered.

Interaction With the Community

Aside from our primary role as an innovative firm in the insurance broker sector, we have the initiative of creating ample development with the community.


As part of its objectives and part of the business’ constant growth plan, the firm represents 10 International Insurance Broker Networks that together make up more than 250 independent brokers spread throughout the world.

Institutional Presentation

Learn details of the philosophy that we have embraced as a firm in the offer of products and services targeted to the local insurance user and the growing foreign investment registered in the Dominican Republic.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is the discipline that combines financial, material, technical, and human resources to identify or evaluate potential risks and decide how to manage them in optimal cost-effectiveness.

The actual need of every business is to be able to quantify its risk factor from the angle of what it’s ready to mitigate by its means, by what it is able to assume in case of a loss and of what it necessarily needs to transfer to a third party, in this case, an insurance company. This is why Franco Fernández & Asociados takes all the preliminary steps from analysis and implementation of the current programs, or an actual design and selection of said programs.

“Our success in the Insurance sector is a result of the right strategic planning on the basis of experience and vocation”

Our Team

Lic. Juan Franco F.

President – AIRM


Marisol Ortiz

Employee Benefits Director

Ambiorix De la Cruz

P&C Director 

Soraida Montero

Financial Director 


B&S Internacional - Franco Fernandez & Asociados

María Pérez

EB International Accounts Manager 

Alicia Victoriano

Employee Benefits Manager

Elizabeth Rodriguez

HR Manager

Sadery Santana

P&C International Accounts Manager

Josanny Taveras

P&C Manager

Eduardo Alvarez

P&C Claims Manager

Alexandra Cuello

Branch Office Manager

Gerente de Comercial - Franco Fernandez & Asociados

Génesis Sanchez

Branch Office Manager

Lidia Santos

Branch Office Manager